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A Better Solution

Gone are the days of not knowing who is tearing down what and where! Introducing Teardowns.Aero, a revolutionary website designed to be the industry's primary resource for listing aircraft and engine teardowns and prebuying material before the dismantling process ever begins.

For Sellers

If your job is to market and sell components from aircraft or engines that you're tearing down, your life just got a whole lot easier. Teardowns.Aero helps you advertise your teardown, ensure that customers know about your project, and presell material before the dismantling process ever begins.

Advertise your Teardowns

In 2 minutes, you can post the details of your teardown: location, contact information, photos, attach harvest list, and aircraft or engine documentation. Really, it's that simple.

Leave the Messaging to Us

There's no guarantee a customer will review their LinkedIn feed or even read an email announcing your teardown, but they will notice a text message. To cover all the bases, we send out teardown alerts via text message, emails, and messages via LinkedIn to ensure everyone is in the know.

Sell Parts NOT on your Harvest List

Nothing's worse than scrapping parts you could have sold, just because they weren't on your Harvest List. With Teardown.Aero buyers can review your harvest list and then make offers for parts not listed.

Sell Faster with Open POs

Customers are allowed to select up to 10 part numbers and attach pricing and purchase orders for parts they are always looking to buy. The system automatically flags and sorts all parts with open POs, allowing you to quickly select and sell parts.

Pre-Sell Material

Teardown companies that are looking to quickly pre-sell material will love Teardowns.Aero. That's because buyers can upload their Wish List, a list of part they're always looking to purchase. Sellers have full access to all Wish Lists, allowing them to quickly identify buyers on a part-by-part basis.

For Buyers

Review a comprehensive list of aircraft and engines scheduled for teardown and then make offers to pre-buy material before the dismantling process even begins. Below are just some of the features you're gonna love on Teardowns.Aero:

Text Message & Email Alerts

When you register with Teardowns.Aero you'll never miss another teardown announcement. That's because we'll send you a text message, an email, and a message on LinkdedIn to ensure you're in the know.

Post Open POs for High Demand Parts

Chances are you're always in the market to buy certain parts. Now with our Open PO feature you can select up to 10-part numbers, enter your prices and POs to secure parts the minute they're available.

Review Aircraft Documents

Want to review a teardown's documentation and harvest list? Not a problem. We post all the information you're looking for so you don't have to waste time requesting it or waiting for it to arrive.

Identify and Make Offers for Parts NOT on the Harvest List

It's no secret that every year thousands of repairable components on teardowns are scrapped without finding a buyer. With Teardowns.Aero you can quickly review the harvest lists and make offers to buy components that may not be listed.


Here's what's happening at Teardowns.Aero:

May 13


Charter Members

The first ten companies to subscribe to Teardowns.Aero will enjoy a perpetual Charter Member membership, saving them 50% a year off the annual subscription price for as long as they maintain their membership.

May 13


MRO Americas - HUGE Success

We met with 31 teardown companies and teardown service providers at the most recent MRO Americas in Dallas, Texas. The excitement and anticipation generated by the introduction of was palpable.

May 13


Open Purchase Orders

Have certain components you're always looking to purchase? Soon you'll be able to add them to your "Wish List" with an Open Purchase Order, making it easier than ever to secure the parts you want.

Your #1 resource for anything and everything teardown related.

The First and ONLY Database Built Exclusively for Aviation Teardowns

Aircraft Teardown Market
$5 Bil.
Aircraft Teardowns / Yr.
Teardown Companies Globally

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What's the Benefit to Buyers?
No more wondering who's tearing down what, when and where. Teardowns.Aero gives you a global perspective, searchable by aircraft type, engine type, location, company name, start date, or teardown status.
What's the Benefit to Sellers?
For Sellers, Teardowns.Aero is like having your own global sales and marketing team without adding additional staff. Maximize your aircraft by identifying parts that buyers will pay for that are NOT listed on your harvest list. Teardowns.Aero informs buyers from around the world, via text and email, that you have an aircraft ready for teardown. Additionally, we help you to presell material before the first part event comes off the plane.
Can Sellers Post Open POs for Specific Part Numbers?
Absolutely! One of the advantages to Teardowns.Aero is the ability for buyers to place an Open PO on parts they are always in the market to purchase. Teardown companies can review the sellers' Open POs and accept their offers in real-time.
How Does the Advanced Notification Work?
Subscribers to Teardowns.Aero receive text messages and email notifications 48 hours before a teardown is made public, allowing them the chance to prebuy material before other companies.
How Long are Aircraft Listed on the System
Aircraft teardown data is listed indefinitely on Teardowns.Aero. This gives buyers a long history of aircraft that have been torn down, affording them the opportunity to source parts that may not be advertised elsewhere.
Is Teardowns.Aero a Subscription Base Service?
Yes. Buyers and Sellers pay to play, however, all potential members are given a FREE trial to see if is for them.